4,5,6,7,8 button 7/11/12 degree high speed hss tapered drill bit for stones

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1.5 years
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Mine, tunnel, rock
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Shandong, China
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Drill Bit
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Drilling Tool
High Manganese Steel
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Ore Mining
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4 tooth
taper drill bit
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200 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Wooden packing
Qingdao, shanghai, ningbo
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Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 100 >100
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Product Description
Drilling tool products: The company mainly produces "Sanshan" tapered connection drilling tools, threaded connection drilling tools, down-the-hole drilling tools, shearer tools, anchor drilling tools and other five major products, including: 1. The tapered connection drill has: Ø28-Ø60 and other specifications of the I-shaped, cross-shaped, spherical tooth rock drill bit, and the matching H22, H25 0.6M--8 meters tapered connection drill rod . The product has won many national patents. Large-scale, assembly line operations have been formed, and the quality of each process is strictly controlled, and unqualified products are prevented from entering the next process. Due to its excellent quality and stable performance, it has been trusted by customers. For many years, its production and sales have been at the forefront of the domestic industry. 2. Threaded connection tools include: R32, R38, T38, T45 and T51 threaded heads, rods, sleeves and tails. The products can be used in conjunction with world-renowned brand rock drilling rigs; product selection Internationally, high-quality steels for brazing tools are all processed by several lathes and heat treated in a vacuum furnace. The product performance has reached the international level and the products are sold at home and abroad. The company can also customize non-standard soldering products according to customer requirements. 3. DTH drilling tools mainly include: Ø80, Ø90, Ø100 impactors, and matching Ø50, Ø60, Ø76, Ø89 type DTH drill pipes and Ø80, Ø90, Ø105, Ø115, Ø165 type DTH drill bits. On the basis of absorbing the best practices of domestic and foreign companies in the same industry, the products are improved and innovated to make the product performance more stable and the service life greatly improved. 4. Shearer tools series products mainly include various types of pick-type coal cutters, heading teeth, and supporting shoes, tooth seats and other products. The products can be used with various types of shearers and headings at home and abroad Supporting use of the machine, non-standard products can also be customized according to the actual situation of the user. 5. Anchor drilling tool series products, mainly including Ø27, Ø28, Ø30, Ø32 and other types of dry and wet rock drills used for anchor support, as well as inner powder-type anchor drills and anchor drills , And various supporting extension and stirring rods and other products. It can be used with various types of anchor drilling rigs at home and abroad.
Product Paramenters
Terms and Condition
I-shaped drill bit is a widely used rock drill bit. Its connection form is mainly conical connection. It is used in conjunction with a tapered drill rod (commonly known as finished drill). In order to correctly use the flat head and ensure the normal service life, the following points must be noted: 1. Ensure a good fit with the tapered drill rod (the taper is the same, the depth of the drill rod inserted into the taper hole of the drill head must be greater than 25mm, and the head of the drill rod should not touch the bottom of the drill hole), otherwise the drill head will be easily lost; Note: The use of drill head products is the same manufacturer as the tapered drill rod used to ensure that the taper is consistent and has a good fit. 2. When drilling holes, the rock drill should reduce the air volume, reduce the damage to the drill head caused by the local high stress of the cemented carbide chip, and use the normal air flow after the drill head is completely drilled into the rock. 3. When the blade width of the drill bit appears to be greater than or equal to 3mm, it should be replaced or repaired in time to avoid reducing the rock drilling speed, causing drill bit fragments and cracks, and reducing service life. Grind the drill bit, otherwise it will severely wear the drill bit, reduce the rock drilling speed, and even get stuck. 4. If you encounter foreign objects such as steel bars when using the drill, adjust the punching position to prevent the drill from being damaged; 5. When rock drilling is prone to jamming, replace the flat-shaped bit with a cross-shaped bit or a ball tooth bit; 6. For rocks that cause severe wear of the I-shaped bit, slow rock drilling, and severe debris, consideration should be given to replacing other alloy-type bit or using cross-shaped bit, ball tooth bit, and promptly notify our company in writing in order to Handle in a timely manner. The notice mainly includes: 1), the type of rock drill used, wind pressure, air volume; 2), rock type and hardness, construction site (open air, underground, other), drilling construction methods (downward, horizontal, mixed) , Etc.); 3) Type, quantity, service life and damage form of damaged drill heads; 4) Average life of normal drill heads; 5) Planned service life; 7), our company product model. 7. When the rock is soft and easy to drill, using the overall drill (the drill head is directly made on the drill rod) can greatly improve the rock drilling speed; 8. For vertical rock drilling, using the overall drill can avoid the loss of the drill head At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the powder is discharged normally, otherwise, the drill head will be severely worn; 9. The drill head should ensure the water supply as much as possible during the rock drilling process to prevent jamming, improve the life of the drill head and the efficiency of rock drilling; 10. Our company Can provide the same specifications, different grades and models of alloy pieces of flat-shaped bit.